What is Awana ?

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Awana是一個國際性、超宗派,以聖經為基礎的兒童事工,為二歲至十八歲的兒童及青少年提供不同聚會。Awana出自新約聖經提摩太後書2:15「得蒙喜悅作無愧的工人」,取其英文Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed的首字母縮合而成。


Truth & Training (T&T) :適合小學三年級至六年級的學生。




 What is Awana ?

Awana is an international,non-denominational and biblical teaching children ministry. ” AWANA ” is originated from scripture 2 Timothy 2:15 ” Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed ” .

Awana Clubs offer to children of age 2 to 18 :
– Biblical Teaching
– Bible memorization
– Basics for a relationship with God
– A foundation for a biblical overview
– Ultra fun physical activity and competition
– Positive friendships
– In-club adult affirmation and encouragement
– Support for parents as they spiritually nurture their children
– Consistent and positive training on how to thrive in group settings
– Awards and recognition for accomplishments

Awana clubs are a weekly dynamic and exciting program whose goal is to reach young people with the gospel of Christ.
Awana uses team work, trophies, awards, Olympics, adopt-a-club to interest boys and girls to learn bible.

Our church currently offers three clubs to children of age 3 to grade 6 :
Cubbies : Children of ages 3 to 4 ( children entering Kindergarten in 2 years )
Sparks :  Kindergarteners to second graders
Truth & Training : Third graders to sixth graders

All Clubbers and Leaders wear uniforms to attend all Awana activities to reinforce their sense of belonging and discipline.  All Clubbers are encouraged to memorize God’s word through handbook and awards weekly.

We have designed a three-part program to maximize your child’s attention, energy and time.
1) FUN AND EXCITING GAMES, unique to Awana, that allow kids to participate no matter what their skill level.

2) SMALL GROUP TIME with a caring adult leader.  No one gets lost in the crowd.  Your child receives individualized attention as he/she works through an introductory booklet and then an age-specific handbook.

3) AN INTERACTIVE LARGE GROUP SEGMENT where kids meet together to sing, hear a Bible lesson and receive awards.  Awana leaders go the extra mile to help your kids understand the Bible and how it applies to their lives in an exciting and challenging way.