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                                                                                AWANA Handbook

Awana Announcement

>> The 2018-19 Awana year is in session now. Please enroll your child if you have not done so.  Visitors are welcome to visit any club night.  Club enrollment fee is $50 including uniform.  Club Enrollment Form can be downloaded from this website.

>>  Each clubber is encouraged to complete two sections per week in order to easily finish the handbook
>>  in one year for Sparks  and T&T clubs. Parents are strongly encouraged to assist Clubbers in learning
>>  verses at home. Please notify your leader if you have any special concerns or questions, we are happy
>>  to help you.

>>  我們鼓勵Sparks和T&T的每位學員,能夠每週完成手冊上兩個單元的經文,這樣就可以輕鬆的在
>>  一年內完成一本手冊。我們鼓勵所有家長平常在家裡多多的鼓勵學員學習經文。
>>  如果有任何的問題或困難,請和老師們聯絡,我們非常樂意的幫助你。
>>  Awana works best when it is fully supported at home, just spend 15 minutes per night to
>>  assist your Clubbers memorize and understand their verses.

>>  You could even memorize scripture along with your Clubbers.
>>  我們積極的鼓勵家長可以在家裡給予學員最大的支持,每天晚上只需花15分鐘的時間協助他們
>>  明白和背誦經文,家長甚至可以和學員一起背誦經文。